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We're very proud of the benefits we bring to schools. SAS...
  1. Consolidates all school information into a single database:
  2. Inquiries/Admissions
  3. Students
  4. Waitlists
  5. Programs/Courses
  7. Attendance & Marks
  8. Homestay
  9. Agents
  10. Staff
  12. Performs all Accounts Receivable functions for students.
  13. Produces transcripts, attendance sheets, reports, letters, emails, etc.
  14. Allows 24/7 access to data by anyone with a computer linked to the Internet.
  15. Can be integrated into your public web site.
  16. Keeps your data secure and available only to those authorized.
  17. Scales up to handle any number of students and campuses.
  18. Supports web-based learning with dispersed tutors/instructors and students.
  19. Reduces dramatically the time and costs associated with student administration.

And we understand that your school is unique, so instead of making you conform to SAS, we can customize SAS to your specifications.

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