Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

We introduced the Student Administration System in February, 2002, to relieve staff from routine administrative duties, allowing them to make more valuable contributions to the school.

We had some special requirements, so having customization done to our specifications was very beneficial to us.

Service from SunRaye Enterprises has been excellent, both in answering questions and in quickly resolving any difficulties. Most recently, Seann was a tremendous help in getting the federal tax receipts produced in a timely manner.

We recommend that schools consider the Student Administration System seriously when assessing their data management needs.

Ken Priebe
Admissions Manager / Animation Instructor

"I already know my job, so doing things in SAS was a snap to learn."

"I only had to be shown things once and I was off to the races."

"The reports really make my job easier. Data is entered in the normal course of doing business and then reports spit out in seconds that I used to take days to compile. Now I've got time to put all that good information to good use."

"I like the fact that the menu only shows me what I need to do my job - no mishmash of stuff I never use."

"Hands down, the best thing for me is being able to use SAS from home. My boss likes it because he can see the whole operation when he's on a trip or vacation."

"As the IT person for the school, I appreciate that all the data backup and security is handled off site by a company that clearly knows what it's doing."

SunRaye Enterprises
email: service at sasystem.org