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At SunRaye we are fully aware that many schools do not have the resources, staff, or expertise to address issues and concerns that come with a product as sophisticated as SAS. Therefore, we are dedicated and committed to offering the highest level of support and service to our customers. To this end, we provide a number of options to insure you and your organization receive timely, consistent and effective results. The product is fully supportable through the web, so there is no need for internal IT staff resources.

This commitment let's you concentrate your energies and expertise on doing what you do best, thus leaving the support of the database to us.

Our support commitment:

  1. Warranty

    The basic SAS system is warranted for 180 days after activation. Each customization is warranted for 180 days from the date of delivery. Anything that is not functioning as per the specifications will be fixed without charge. It is important that clients check the customizations when they are delivered to ensure they do what is intended.

  2. Service Standards
    1. Telephone and email inquiries will be acknowledged within one business day. Issues will be prioritized and the most urgent ones will be addressed first, regardless of when they are received. Issues that seriously affect operations ("critical issues") will be addressed immediately and generally are resolved within four hours if we have the necessary details. All issues will be addressed within two business days unless the client is notified of any delay, in which case an estimated time will be provided.
    2. Clients are encouraged to email the details of the problem, including sample data. In most cases, such information is adequate for us to resolve the issue without further questions, thus it is the most efficient method.
    3. Clients that require assistance faster than these service guidelines will be billed at double the normal hourly rate.
    4. If you are hosting your system with us, we will deal with server issues promptly. Some situations are outside our control, but we will keep you informed.
    5. If you are hosting elsewhere, we can assist you in dealing with web hosting companies or in setting up and maintaining your own Windows web server. Normal support fees apply.
    6. To minimize support costs, it is recommended that one or more staff members become "experts" who can provide the first level of support for staff. When things arise that they cannot handle, they will contact SunRaye Enterprises.

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