Pricing for SAS Regular

For smaller schools, explore SAS-Lite

Our mission is to enable all schools, regardless of size, to take advantage of leading-edge information technologies.
The vast majority of schools prefer our Monthly options, so we've provided a calculator in order for you to determine the cost for the first year.

Here is a document describing your options for Purchase if you prefer to own the software outright.

The Monthly Service Option Calculator

Date on which you'd like your service to start    (e.g. 11/20/2008)
Full-Service Option - includes:
  • Hosting of your programming and database files on our secure servers
  • Your files are separate from all other schools so your system can evolve to your needs
  • Daily backups
  • Regular repair & compacting of the Access database
  • Disaster recovery
  • Read full details of security
  • System-wide fixes (about 1 per week)
  • Annual updates to T2202A's
  • Updates routines to fulfill to B.C. & other regulatory requirements
  • 1/2 hour phone or email support per month
$600 / mo
Per Enrollment Portion
This makes SAS responsive to the size of your school
How many new enrollments did you have in the last 12 months?
  • 1/4 hour additional staff support included with every 100 enrollments
  • If many of your students are short-term, part-time or correspondence,
    talk to us about adjusting this
  • An enrollment is the equivalent of 25+ hours per week for 30+ weeks
$2 per enrollment per month
One-time Startup Costs
System setup on our servers - includes
  • Dedicated area on our servers for your files
  • Guidance in entering the System Options (colours, school logo, etc.)
  • 180 days warranty of the basic system files and any customization performed under this contract
  • Unlimited phone/email support for 30 days after the formal implementation date
Implementation Package which saves $400 - includes:
  • 16 hours for training, travel or customization at $150 per hour
  • Save $600
Staff Training/Travel
  • By phone outside Vancouver area
  • In-person (travel extra)
  • For Vancouver in-person training, add $150 per session for travel
  • We recommend you budget a minimum of 8 hours
$150 / hr hours
Customization - e.g.
  • Transcripts
  • Letters
  • Data input forms
  • We recommend you budget a minimum of 8 hours
  • We can provide a firm estimate if you send us samples
$150 / hr hours
Download your database anytime - includes:
  • Setup of a FTP location on our servers
  • Nightly compression of your data into a .zip file
  • You can use any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program
Free Bonus
($300 value)

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