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Schools with less than 50 students still need efficient data management, but they might not need all the features of the regular version of SAS.

Here is a comparison between SAS and SAS-Lite.

ItemRegular SAS
Menu Items
View Menu Comparison
additional ones for $5/month
Contract DurationOne-year, then monthlyMonth to month
Internet-based and encryptedYesYes
DatabaseMS SQL ServerMS SQL Server
Separate Database
(your data is not mixed with other schools)
Yes Yes
Able to download your database anytime (as SQL backup) Included Available for an additional cost
Regular backups, maintenance and securityIncludedIncluded
Fixes & PatchesIncludedCritical fixes only
On-line DocumentationYesYes
CustomizationAnything can be modified because each school has its own set of programming filesLimited customization because schools share the same programming files
Able to handle multiple campusesIncluded Available
Staff SupportIncludedAvailable
Regulatory Compliance & ReportsYesYes
Full Accounts Receivable FunctionalityYesYes
Instructors able to accessIncludedIncluded
Students able to accessIncludedAvailable
PaymentCredit card or monthly invoicingCredit card

Pricing and Billing

SAS-Lite is just $400 per month for up to 50 enrollments (or equivalent) per year.

Additional enrollments (or equivalent) will be $2.00 per month. An enrollment is 30 weeks of 25+ hours per week. Estimate the number to the best of your ability when you sign up for SAS-Lite.

The monthly rate remains fixed for one year. There is also a one-time $400 implementation fee. When you sign up, your credit card will be charged $400 plus a pro-rated amount for the month in which you are starting. If you are starting after the 15th, the next month's fee will also part of the first charge. Subsequently, you will be charged the monthly amount on the fifteenth of each month for the next month's service.

As part of your implementation fee, you are eligible for one hour of telephone and email support to help you get started with SAS-Lite. Feel free to contact us if you want to upload your existing data or if you need anything in SAS-Lite to be customized such as transcripts. We will provide a quote for your consideration. The hourly rate is $150.

We are also available for training for the same hourly rate.

SAS-Lite comes with the Training Manual for the full version of SAS. You can access the Training Manual within the SAS-Lite Demo. Just click on Training Manual at the bottom of the left-hand menu. This will help you decide if there are additional menu items that you would like. Additional items are $5 per month.

Before you make a purchase decision, gather together all your contracts, application forms, letters, transcripts, certificates, etc. that you currently use and compare them to what is in SAS-Lite. Very little customization is possible in SAS-Lite because schools share the same programming files.

If your systems and forms are significantly different from SAS-Lite, you are probably better with the regular version of SAS, which provides your own set of programming files that can be customized to fit the unique way you run your school.

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