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SAS had its start in the Career College environment and is designed to optimize four critical areas in running a career college:
  1. Marketing to contacts/alumni and tracking of inquiries through the sales process to increase your revenue.
  2. All record keeping and accounts receivable operations: registration, payment plans, payments, attendance, marks, transcripts, etc.
  3. Compliance with government requirements, e.g. Student Loans, Accreditation, Privacy and PCTIA in B.C.
  4. Reports to help owners/directors monitor and manage their business.

Secure Internet Access
SAS was built as an Internet application, thus all elements can be made available in a totally secure manner to all stakeholders.

Schools that allow inquiries, students, instructors and admin staff access SAS anywhere, anytime save a great deal of time and thus money, significantly increasing profits.

  • Marketing & Sales
    • On-line inquiries that are entered directly into SAS, reducing staff input time.
    • Automatic responses to on-line inquiries - emails are sent that include information on the programs of interest.
    • Email and letter campaigns to contacts, for instance, attendees at career fairs.
  • Students can
    • Register on line.
    • Update their contact information - address, email, etc.
    • Check on upcoming courses.
    • View their attendance, marks, transcripts, pay history, etc.
  • Staff
    • Instructors can enter marks/attendance from home.
    • Managers can run reports anywhere in the world.
    • Admin staff can do some work from home, accommodating today's parental demands and commuting challenges.
  • External Partners
    • Funders can check on students from their offices.
    • Employers can post job openings and students can post resumes.
    • PR contacts can be sent announcements in minutes.

Admissions -- Case Study
  • Add Phone Inquiry
  • Add an Inquiry
  • Edit an Inquiry
  • Register an Inquiry
  • Waitlist an Inquiry
  • View Appointments
  • View Calendar
  • List or Communicate
  • Add Correspondence
  • Edit Correspondence
  • Add a Program
  • Edit a Program
  • Add a Source
  • Edit a Source
  • Inquiry Tracking Reports
  • Source Reports
  • Admission Rep Reports
  • Configure Admissions

This module enables you to enter, track, and correspond with prospective students

Information on students is entered only once, with individuals transferred to a waitlist or registered in a course with just a few mouse clicks.
Your school might link some of these capabilities with your public web site. For instance, a visitor to your web site might choose from a list of programs about which they would like more information. The visitor would instantly be sent an email with information either embedded in the email or attached as a file.
Besides a powerful correspondence module for both email and letters, you can produce reports on marketing sources and planning reminders such as contacts due for follow-up.

Waitlist Management
  • Add to a Waitlist
  • Edit a Waitlist
This is often a critical task in a school when there are more students than there are spaces.
Students can be displayed in the order they were placed on the waitlist and moved into the program when space becomes available without re-entering any information. They can also be moved easily onto a different waitlist.

  • Add Basic Information
  • Edit Basic Information
  • Register in a Program
  • Edit a Program Registration
  • Register in a Semester
  • Edit a Semester Registration
  • Register in a Course
  • Edit a Course Registration
  • Adjust Courses in a Program
  • Add Transfer Credit
  • Edit Transfer Credit
  • Set up a Payment Plan
  • Edit a Payment Plan
  • Add More Payment Plan Installments
  • Record a Payment
There are several components to Student Information:
  • Basic information such as address, birth date, etc. that doesn't change often. This information is entered only once, regardless of how many programs the student takes.
  • Program information with associated data about semesters, courses, marks and attendance.
  • Accounting information about each program, including payments, payment plans, student loans, balance owing, etc.
Students may use a public interface to register for courses, produce transcripts, check on progress, view upcoming course offerings, etc.

Student Administration
  • Display Basic Information
  • Set up a Payment Plan
  • Edit a Payment Plan
  • Add More Payment Plan Installments
  • Record a Payment
  • Display a Payment Receipt
  • Display a Balance Owing Invoice
  • Create Letter of Acceptance
  • Display Student Schedules
  • Display Students in a Program
  • Add/Edit/Display Attendance
  • Add/Edit/Display Marks
  • Display a Student Transcript
  • Display Attendance/Marks Record
  • Add/Display Progress Report
  • Outstanding Events Reports
  • Student Loan Follow-up
  • Add Correspondence
  • Edit Correspondence
  • Send Correspondence
Once a student is registered, all information about progress and payments is maintained.
Letters of Acceptance follow the preferred format for Canada Immigration and Citizenship.
Progress reports are available in formats specified by funding sources such as HRDC and Student Loans.
There are four built-in styles of transcripts which can be customized.
Communication with students and alumni is critical so you can create stock emails and letters to send to many students or create a message to send to a single student.

  • Add a New Program
  • Edit Program Information
  • Add a New Course
  • Edit Course Information
  • Add a New Semester
  • Edit Semester Information
Programs, Courses and Semesters are set up in this module.
You have a great deal of flexibility in how to relate three. For instance, a university model would register students into a program, then semesters, then courses offered in each semester. A vocational school would probably use only programs and courses.

Program Administration
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Add/Edit/Display Attendance
  • Add/Edit/Display Marks
  • Display Students in a Program
  • Program Marks/Attendance Summary
  • Program Follow-up Results
  • List of Starts
  • Program Availability Report
  • Display Full Course Information
  • Display Courses in a Program
  • PCTIA Program Info Form
  • Display Transcripts
  • Text/Supplies Outstanding
  • Class Attendance Sheet
  • Course Choices
Program information is maintained in this module.
Attendance sheets can be produced for manual tracking of attendance or instructors can input attendance directly into the system.
Attendance and marks can be entered for entire classes, similar to a spreadsheet. Calculations are handled automatically and Course data is rolled up to the Semester and Program levels.
There are a variety of reports for management oversight and planning as well as forms for submission to PCTIA.

  • Income Report
  • Outstanding Accounting Events
  • Unearned Revenue Report
  • Federal Tax Receipts
  • Add a Bank
  • Edit a Bank
  • Bank Deposit Report
The System handles all Accounts Receivable functions for student fees and produces Income Reports as well as reports required by PCTIA, such as Unearned Revenue.
Yearly income tax receipts are calculated by the System and then merged to a Word document to print the tri-part forms.
Reminder reports help staff to manage their time and supervisors to monitor workload.
If your school has multiple banks, you may indicate where each payment is being deposited and then produce reports.

  • Add Item
  • Edit Item
  • Add a Supplier
  • Edit a Supplier
  • Add Transaction
  • Inventory Historical Report
  • Inventory Projection Report
If your school maintains a stock of texts and supplies, you can associate these with both sources and with courses.
Historical reports show what inventory you have used over a period of time and how well staff have maintained minimum levels.
Projection reports help anticipate how many of each item you will need in the future based on course enrollment.

Staff Information
  • Add Staff Information
  • Edit Staff Information
  • Adjust Security Access
  • Adjust Group Access
  • Staff Reports
  • Display Staff Summary
  • Add Correspondence
  • Edit Correspondence
  • Send Correspondence
Staff who are using the System require passwords as well as authorization for menu items. Staff only see menu options they are authorized to see. In addition, program coordinators and instructors are limited to the programs and courses with which they are associated.
You may also create and send emails and letters to staff.

  • Add a Contact
  • Edit a Contact
  • List or Communicate
  • Add Correspondence
  • Edit Correspondence
  • Add Group
  • Edit Group
This module enables you to enter, track, and correspond with media, employers, practicum hosts, government representatives, etc.
You may assign contacts to groups such as Funding Sources which feed dropdown lists elsewhere in the system.

  • Add Campus Information
  • Edit Campus Information
Managing multiple campuses and sharing information among them are strong features of the System.
By associating programs with campuses, reports can be produced for each campus as well as the whole school.

MIS Reports-- Case Study
  • Income Report
  • Planned Payment Installments
  • Anticipated Revenue Report
  • Unearned Revenue Report
  • Inquiry Tracking Reports
  • Program Availability Report
  • Admission Rep Reports
  • Outstanding Student Events
  • Outstanding Accounting Events
  • Placement Report
  • Annual Accreditation Report
  • Report Generator
Up-to-the-minute information is available to management at any time, facilitating timely, well-considered strategic decisions.
Accredited schools can produce their Annual Accreditation Report with just a few keystrokes.
The Report Generator allows you to create and save custom reports on all the data in the System and is a very powerful management tool. You can also produce labels, emails and letters for special criteria.

System Options
  • Change School Options
  • Change Financial Options
  • Change Calendar Options
  • Change the Menu
  • Configure User-Defined Fields
  • Add a Source
  • Edit a Source
  • Add a Country/Nationality
  • Edit a Country/Nationality
  • Change Mark Mapping
You control a great deal about the System, including images, background and text colours, and a myriad of behaviours related to financials and calendar information.
You can control and change many things without the intervention of the System developers, such as marketing sources and mapping of letter grades to percentage marks and Grade Point Averages for automatic inclusion on transcripts.
All modules have an abundance of User-defined Fields that you can use to customize the data kept in the System. These fields can even be included in outputs from the Report Generator.

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