Admissions Module Case Study

This module enables you to enter, track, and correspond with prospective students.
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James Neufeld*, the Director of a college with three campuses, was very concerned about providing his admissions reps with the best tools. And he wanted reports to easily track and compare their performance.

Most inquiries came in by phone and were directed to an Admissions Rep who kept track using Maximizer, paper notes, and manual tallies on log sheets. These log sheets took several hours a month away from productive activities for each Rep.

At the end of the month, the sheets were given to a busy admin person to collate. Typically, it was mid-month before management saw the final reports. This delay also affected the marketing department who used the stats on where students heard about the school to make advertising decisions.

The determine the status of an inquiry the Rep had to be identified then asked to look up notes for all the details. If a Rep was away, this often took over a day.

Finally, when an inquiry turned into a registration, all the data entered into Maximizer had to be re-keyed into the Access database used for student tracking.

SAS Solution:

When a phone call comes in, Reception enters basic information into SAS, such as name, where they heard about the school and programs of interest. Reception also selects an available Admissions Rep, then calls the Rep and gives the inquiry's name.

The Admissions Rep calls up the inquiry's record in SAS and enters information while the conversation progresses. The Rep can also enter an Appointment or note a Next Contact Day and Best Time and Method for Contact.

Reps can see the appointments and next contacts on their personal monthly calendars and Reception can see everyone's scheduled appointments for the day.

All information is on-line, so anyone with security rights can see the status of inquiries.

When an inquiry becomes a student, a few clicks transfers all information to the student database, avoiding any re-entry of data.

At the end of the month, SAS produces instant reports about the sources of inquiries so the marketing department knows the most effective places for advertising. And SAS produces Admissions Rep reports so management can compare performance as well as see which programs are attracting the most inquiries.

Total person-hours saved by all staff involved with admissions is about 40 hours per month. Admission Rep performance has improved because they have more time for sales activities and higher morale without the burden of paperwork.

* name has been changed for confidentiality
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