On-Line Options

Public Web Access
  • Inquiry
  • Register for a Program
  • Register for Homestay
  • Find Homestay Host
  • Medical Insurance Info
  • Homestay Host Info
  • Homestay Host Application
  • Upcoming School Events
Student Web Access
  • Register for Courses
  • Edit My Contact Info
  • Payment History
  • Attendance/Marks
  • Upcoming Courses
  • Edit Homestay Info
  • Find Homestay Host
Agent Web Access
  • Register Student
  • Basic Student Record
  • Student Pay History
  • Student Attendance/Marks
  • Agent Report
  • List or Communicate
  • Update Agent Info
Homestay Web Access
  • Add Homestay Host
  • Edit Homestay Host
  • Student Homestay Info
Insurance Web Access
  • List Students Starting
  • Basic Student Record
  • Insurance Report
  • Edit Public Info Page
  • Add Insurance Source
  • Edit Insurance Source
  • List or Communicate
  • Add Correspondence
  • Edit Correspondence
On-line Training
  • Training Admin Menu
  • Sample Unit with Quiz
Letting the public, your students and your partners interact with your data has several key benefits:
  1. Saves greatly on administrative time, which translates directly into increased profitability.
  2. Improves service to all concerned which increases satisfaction and word of mouth advertising, again impacting the bottom line.
  3. Provides tremendous competitive advantages over other schools that do not provide these services. Included in your advertising materials, this will result in a greater market share and increased revenues.
Public Inquiries may:
  • Ask for information on programs and get it sent instantly by email. This impresses prospective students and catches them while their "hot."
  • Enter their own contact information, thus reducing staff time for inputting data.
  • Register and pay for training.
  • Register and pay for homestay.
  • Add their names to a contact list for newsletters, announcements, etc.
Students and Parents may:
  • Update contact information - address, email, etc.
  • Register on-line. Pattison College has a semester system so students register for courses every 4 months. Registering on-line is saving over one person-year of staff time
  • Register for homestay.
  • Find a matching homestay host and contact the host directly. Students can see information about the host families, including pictures.
  • View their payment history and payment plan.
  • View their marks and attendance.
  • Note: These services will greatly enhance word-of-mouth advertising for your school.
Agents may:
  • Apply to represent your school.
  • Update their contact information.
  • Register students on-line and pay via credit card.
  • View reports on their activity and financial information.
  • View information about the students they have placed in the school.
  • Note: These on-line services will encourage agents to send students to your school.
Homestay Hosts may:
  • Apply on-line.
  • Update information about their household and rooms available, including uploading photos of the home and family.
  • View information about students staying with them, including flight arrival time.
  • Note: By having both students and hosts "self-serve" schools who run their own homestay service can save a great deal of staff time.
Medical Insurance Providers may:
  • Access lists of students who don't have insurance.
  • Communicate with students to set up meetings, etc.
  • Note: Schools can use any provider, but University Insurance is partnering with us and knows our system. By self-serving their information needs, providers need not take up valuable staff time.

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