SAS Cost Benefit Analysis

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What is the average hourly cost for administrative, sales & instructional staff? (add 30% for CPP, EI, WCB, & overheads such as desk, computer, etc.) /hr
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Description Your Current System
Minutes per Student
Minutes per Student
Form Completion/Data Entry of Personal Info
Preparing and Sending Info
Inquiry Management: Tracking/Reminder System
Interview Notes/Documentation
Record Keeping for Reporting Purposes Automatic
Student Registration
Description Your Current System
Minutes per Student
Minutes per Student
Form Completion/Data Entry of Personal Info
(assuming student began as an inquiry)
Internal Record Keeping/Data Entry of Program and Course Info Related to Student
Student Registration Form/Contract Completion
Letter of Acceptance for Visa, Student Loan or HRDC
Setting up of Tracking System for Payment Plans or Student Loans
Producing a Schedule of Classes, Instructors, Place, Days & Times
Recording Payments and Issuing Receipts
(5 min/payment, 4 payments)
Accessing Student Records to Determine Actions Needed
( e.g. looking up info monthly for Student Loan or Payment Plan Installments )

(5 min/month for 8 months)
Recording and Calculation of Attendance
(2 min per week for 32 weeks)
Recording and Calculation of Marks
(10 min per course to enter assignment/test scores for 10 courses)
Producing Balance Owing Statements & Payment History Reports
(2 min/report, 1/month for 8 months)
Producing Progress Reports for Student Loans or HRDC
(2 min/report, 1/month for 8 months)
Producing Transcripts & Labels
Answering Questions about Marks, Attendance, Payments while in school and after graduation
(4/min per inquiry for 5 inquiries)
Recording 30, 60, 90 Day Follow-up Placement Data
(3 min to enter each follow up)
Report Generation over One Year
Adjust the figures according to how often you currently produce reports.
If you have multiple campuses and produce reports for each campus, multiply the SAS figures by the number of campuses
Description Your Current System
Hours per Year
Hours Per Year
Source of Inquiries (Monthly)
(how they learned about the school)

(5 min/month)
Admissions Rep (Sales) Performance Report (Monthly)
(5 min/month)
Number of Inquiries Received per Program (Monthly)
(5 min/month)
Seat Availability Report for all Programs (Weekly)
(5 min/week)
Class Attendance Sheets (Weekly)
For the SAS figure, divide the number of sheets you require each year by 30
E.g. 20 courses x 52 weeks =

(1/min per sheet for 20 sheets per week)
Income Report (Weekly)
(Including details of every payment received from or made to students)

(5 min/week)
Payment Plan Anticipated Revenue Report (Monthly)
(5 min/month)
Unearned Revenue Report in PCTIA Format (Monthly)
(5 min/month)
Placement Report for PCTIA Annual Accreditation (Yearly)
Academic Report for PCTIA Annual Accreditation (Yearly)
Program Forms for Submission to PCTIA

(1 min/form for 20 forms)
Looking up Data to Answer Questions about Programs and Courses from Coordinators, Instructors, PCTIA, HRDC, etc.
(For the SAS figure, divide the number of questions you answer each year by 15)

(4 min/question for 100 questions)
Gathering Info, Calculation and Completion of Federal Income Tax Receipts (T2202)
(doesn't include putting in envelopes, stamping, etc.)
auto calculation
(1/2 min/student)

(5 min/report)
Description Monthly PlanPurchase Plan
Base Amount (Calculated from the number of students per year) Auto Calculation N/A
Web Site Hosting by SunRaye Enterprises Included
Phone & Email Support
For general inquiries only - problems are corrected at no cost.
(As a guideline, use the number of Enrollments x $8)
First-year Start-up Considerations
Defaults are averages of schools currently using the system. You may adjust them.
Description Monthly PlanPurchase Plan
Base Amount plus rate per Enrollment) N/A Auto Calculation
Implementation Fee (usually covers basic training and customization
Calculated automatically: $3000 Base + $5 per Enrollment
Will be same
as Purchase Plan
calculated automatically
Additional Staff Training from SunRaye Enterprises
Will be same
as Purchase Plan
Cost for Staff Time Required to Learn the System
To use the all the basic functions, staff average 12 hours of training. Specialists such as teachers, admissions reps and bookkeepers average 4 hours. Assume staff are trained in groups. Add some time after formal training so staff can practice.

A general formula is Enrollments / 15 * 8 (training & practice hours) * Average Hourly Staff Cost

Will be same
as Purchase Plan
Additional Customization
Will be same
as Purchase Plan
Data Conversion
Conversion of your current electronic data averages about the same as the implementation fee.
If your staff will enter data, calculate your total cost of staff time to enter existing data.
Will be same
as Purchase Plan

If left blank, the Implementation Fee amount will be entered.